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    New Services

    Innovative services designed to fit your needs. We developed these services together with our clients to offer best custom-made solutions.

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    English, Slovenian, German.
    Three languages, one price.
    We can also help you find translators
    for other languages.

    Our prices
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    Special Offer

    We offer special prices for a subscription to our services. You can build your own subscription packages according to your needs.

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envision. simplify. design solutions.

What we offer

  • Translation, proofreading and other language services for English, Slovene and German.
  • New types of language services and consulting for an effective adaptation to foreign markets.
  • We can also help you find language specialists for other languages.


  • cost-effective
  • professional
  • simple collaboration
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • reliability

Lean Advantage

  • As a lean company, we can be more flexible: We adapt our services to fit your needs and maintain an affordable price.
  • Our company employs people, not just expensive equipment.
  • We can give you exact prices for translation and proofreading services in advance.

Our Clients

Some of our clients are:

Be effective on foreign markets.

ENSIDE is a lean service provider specialized for providing support to companies that operate on English-, Slovenian- and German-speaking foreign markets. We offer an overall language support environment for conducting business in English, Slovene and German.

We are the first Slovenian translation company that specializes not only in certain languages but also for specific professional fields: legal texts and business communication. We are also good experts for other fields and languages and we are very experienced. We always like to tackle new fields and develop new types of services.

Besides classical language services, such as translation and proofreading, we also designed new types of language services that cannot be found elsewhere: editing, summarization and explanation. The main advantages of these services are price-effectiveness and shorter delivery times. And quality always stays at the top level.

For more information about our innovative solutions click language services

Your advantage is our flexibility.

We offer the following services:


We translate all types of business, legal and other texts from English, German and Slovenian into English, German and Slovenian. We treat all three languages equally, because the quality of all translations is the same – top-grade. Thus, the price is also the same. We can also help you find translators for any other language pairs.

Our translation process consists of the following steps: review of the source text, research and translation of all technical terms and other demanding phrases, translation of the whole text, thorough review of the translation and proofreading.

Every translator at ENSIDE is specialized in a particular field of expertise, thus your texts will always be translated by the most capable professionals. On bigger projects of over 300 pages more than one translator can be assigned to perform the translation. This way we can ensure fast translations of large texts.

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We offer proofreading for all kinds of texts in English, Slovenian and German. Within the proofreading process, we thoroughly review you text, correct all grammatical, spelling and other errors, and we improve the form and the style of the text. We treat our service languages equally, thus the price is the same for all three languages. We can also help you find proofreading specialists for any other languages.

If you choose our translation services, proofreading is already included in the price. In individual proofreading projects, only professional proofreading specialists will work on your texts.

Do not miss our service packages where we offer special proofreading prices and other favourable advantages to our subscribers.

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Editing (NEW)

Editing is a new type of language service in our area. We enable you to write your own texts in the language you want them in, and then we make a thorough read-through and review and we translate or insert all the missing parts of the text, and at the end we proofread the text. We basically reshape your text to make it as efficient as possible; to make the text achieve its purpose.

Editing is faster and cheaper than translating, but the quality of final texts is the same.

You can write your texts in a very simplistic way and with a basic layout. It is only important that you prepare all the technical and other field-specific terms in the target language. You are the best specialist on your field of work and thus you surely have best knowledge of specific expressions that are most frequently used. These terms would otherwise take a lot of time to research on our part. We can also send you a list of these terms based on your source text.

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Summarization and Explanation (NEW)

If you have a large text and you do not want it to be translated, but you would still like to know exactly what the text says and how this information could be important to you, summarization and explanation is the perfect solution. We carefully read through your text, take notes and write a summary in English, Slovenian or German. We focus on those subjects that are important to you. And we can also give you specific explanations in person (only in certain regions) or per e-mail/Skype.

With this type of language service you can save time and money, because summarization and explanation is faster and cheaper than classical translation. For example, for a text of 100 pages, it would cost you approximately 219 EUR for summarization and explanation services (8 hours of text analysis + 10 pages of summary + 1 hour of explanations); whereas it would cost you at least 1,190 EUR if you had the text translated.

We can also summarize just some parts of the text in detail and only read through the other parts and give brief explanations.

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Multilingual Contracts

Bilingual contracts are becoming more and more important when making international deals. Such a contract is composed of two source texts that are identical in meaning. Typically, there are no classical translations, just two original texts. This can effectively shorten the negotiation period and you do not need to translate the contract after its conclusion.

Multilingual contracts are basically standard contracts that have the text in the first language on the first half of the page and the text in the second language on the second half of the page. You can choose between the following languages: English, Slovenian and German.

One contracting party suggests the contract and the second party suggests changes or accepts the terms offered, but all contracting parties make all suggestions in their own language. We become your partner for composing contracts for your deals and for translating negotiations.

If you need additional translation services during the negotiations, we offer translation of your negotiations at half price (written translation).

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Service Packages

The most effective and beneficial is a long-term partnership. Together we can build an optimal business communication service package for you, according to your needs. A service package is a type of a subscription relationship. You get more services for a lower price. This is the perfect solution for companies that can plan ahead and can predict how many language services they will need.

Together we will find out how many translations, proofs, edits or other language solutions you need per month or per year. We offer our best prices with big discounts and you become our VIP partner, which means that your orders are always treated with the highest priority.

With our service packages we offer over 20% lower prices.

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We advise our clients on preparing and implementing texts for business communication. We help you re-write your texts to make them more effective in their target language.

Business texts always have to follow certain cultural norms that are mostly unknown to the person writing the text, because these are unwritten rules. We help you identify these norms and suggest appropriate emphases to get the best results.

We also advise you on preparing different legal texts in English, Slovenian and German. We are great experts on international contracts and we also developed our own product – multilingual contracts.

We offer our consulting services for free to all our service package subscribers.

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  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Cost-effective


See our

price list

The most effective are optimal solutions.

prices per page or source word

Type of WorkPrice per PagePer Source WordSubscribers' Price
Translation14.90 EUR0.06 EUR11.90 / 0,047 EUR
Editing7.90 EUR0.03 EUR6,29 / 0,025 EUR
Proofreading2.49 EUR0.01 EUR1,90 / 0,008 EUR
Summarization12.90 EUR0.05 EUR10,29 / 0,041 EUR
Multilingual Contract29.90 EUR0.12 EUR23,90 / 0,096 EUR


Hourly fees

Type of WorkHourly RateSubscribers' Price
Consulting19.90 EURFREE
Text Analysis (Summarization)9.90 EUR7.90 EUR
Explanation14.90 EUR11.90 EUR
Design, Layout, Formatting and other work9.90 EUR7.90 EUR

Individual services in detail

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